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Are you looking to publish your book?

Let us help you publish with a purpose

We are a family owned company here to help you publish your children's book, journal, coloring book or what ever you have created. Contact us today!

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February 2021

“They are not like me” (White, African American & Hispanic versions) 
A book about a Hispanic kids cultural experience in a African American foster home. 
Coming soon: A book about a White kids cultural experience in a African American foster home. 
Coming soon: A book about an African American kids cultural experience in a white foster home.


L.I.F.E Journal


L.I.F.E Journal which is A Journal to help you understand what hurts you, discover your purpose and heal, to live life to it’s fullest potential without fear.

Check out the podcast discussing how this journal can help you heal.



September, 2020

“Fostercare Feelings” A book written and illustrated by me. Foster care feelings is a body map for children. This book describes what feelings are felt while in care and brings awareness to how the emotions connect to behaviors. The book also explains where the child feels the feelings in the body. We often experience our emotions in our bodies which makes us act in different ways. How do you act when you feel something?




A journal to assist you while you sift through your own feelings and emotions.

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Pause, I am not my anxiety

November 2021

Pause, I am not my anxiety is a book that helps children manage their anxiety. It provides tools for children to use to help them learn to manage anxiety in many healthy ways.

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About Us

Amour Legaci Publishing is a publishing company that focuses on publishing with a purpose. Everything we do here at AmourLegaci Publishing is purposeful. We help you put your idea, story and vision on pages for the world to experience. We are a family owned and operated company whose sole purpose is to help you Build your Legacy.

As publishers we help everyone build their own legacy through their writing. You become a published author when working with us. Our workshops are meant to foster entrepreneurial skills, authorship and purpose. 

AmourLegaci publishing has published daily journals, therapy journals, children’s books and coloring books. Let us publish your book and help you Build your Legacy. To find out more about my work, browse my newly updated Author Portfolio and get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss working together.

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